Stainless Steel Brake Lines

MagnumBrakes is our main supplier for Stainless Steel Braided brake lines to replace OEM rubber hoses.

Their Teflon Stainless Steel Braided brake lines kit replaces the rubber flex hoses that came with your vehicle. Each kit is custom-made to fit the specified application thus no extra modifications are required for installation.​​

A large percentage of your brake pedal travel is due to expansion of the hydraulic hoses under pressure and high operating temperature. Replacing the rubber flex hoses with their stainless steel reinforced Teflon hoses eliminates this expansion and helps dissipate heat generated by braking, thus giving you a firm positive feel of your braking system, resulting in shorter stopping distance. Magnum Stainless Steel Brake lines are fully covered with PVC thus give it extra protection against deterioration by environmental elements, not every brand on the market gives you this extra protection. All Magnum Stainless Steel Brake lines are tested at a pressure of 4500 PSI. All the hangers and holders came with our kits are zinc coated to resist corrosion. Magnum Stainless Steel Brake Lines Kit covers most of the better imports applications. All Magnum Stainless Steel brake lines kits come with a limited warranty of 5 years against defects; please contact your local dealer for details.

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