MAGNUM High Performance Ceramic Brake Pads

Most original brake pads offer reasonable stopping power but not quite adequate for serious drivers who require better braking performance, MAGNUM High Performance Brake Pads are designed for this type of drivers. MAGNUM High Performance Brake Pads are made of their exclusive ceramic, carbon, and metallic formula. They deliver exceptional stopping power and pedal feel while minimizes rotor wear and brake squeal. The braking performance is consistent in extreme low and high temperatures, wet or dry surface. Some performance brake pads require warm or hot weather condition to perform, and brake feel becomes spongy in cold weather conditions before the brake system is fully warmed up. This may be dangerous as those brake pads only provide less than 50% of gripping power during the first 2 minutes of driving in cold weather regions.

MAGNUM engineers also understand that most drivers prefer not to sacrifice the appearance of their vehicle for better braking performance, thus they designed brake pads that produce minimal brake dust which would keep your wheels clean for a longer time than most of the performance brake pads available in the market.

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