Cross-Drilled Rotors

MAGNUM Cross-Drilled Brake Rotors are for drivers who want to improve performance of their vehicle’s original braking system at a reasonable price. MAGNUM Cross-Drilled brake rotors provide excellent stopping power in everyday traffic, as well as spirited street and highway driving. Cross-Drilled Rotors help keeping the temperature low on the brake system in order to provide consistent braking efficiency under most conditions. When in motion the vents draw air from the center of the rotor outwardly. This airflow helps the brake system to effectively dissipates heat to which reduces braking power, resulting in longer stopping distance which affects safety. Most users found significant improvement on their braking efficiency, brake feel and shorter stopping distance. They also agree the car looks better and “cool” after installing MAGNUM Cross-Drilled Rotors.

MAGNUM Cross-Drilled Rotors are made of high carbon iron to ensure longer life and quiet operation. There are many different brands of cross-drilled rotors in the market; MAGNUM Cross-Drilled Rotors meet or exceed OEM requirements and capable to compete with the well known brand names such as Brembo, Zimmermann, and EBC but with much lower prices. MAGNUM Cross-Drilled Rotors also come with factory warranty against defects to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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