About Us

Established in 1993, Canada Motor Parts, started small, inside a small Auto Shop with the mindset of providing Performance products at a practical price for everybody. Performance should not be only limited to exotic vehicles, but be available to everybody. From somebody who just drives to work daily, all the way to car enthusiasts who goes to track racing every week. Canada Motor Parts’ products are not just limited to performance products either, They offer all types of products ranging from your typical OEM Brake Rotors all to the way to the Hardware for your brake pads.

Expanding Worldwide!

Canada Motor Parts serves the Toronto community with top quality products and provides above-and-beyond customer service. With over 26 years under our belt, our first time customers became regulars, and our community became our best friends. Today, Canada Motor Parts has expanded across Canada and into the United States. We do not plan to slow down any time soon.

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